San Fran Massive Black Workshop 2005!!!!1!

Oh man, I had been looking forward to this workshop for months, I managed to convince MOP, and Shotgun to go with me, and Tagheuer was easily coerced (read that as threatened) into being our fourth roommate. I got to the hotel alright, even though I had forgotten to write down the name of the hotel I was in, or even where the hell it was. Luckily my goodlooks and charm didn't fail me and some nice people helped me out at the airport. 8-)

First day, there were just so many people! Way bigger than the Austin workshop. The energy was palpable.

Mop and TagHeuer saving my spot and just looking generally cheeky (or blimey, whichever you prefer)

We spotted Scott Ruggels in the crowd and I took a sneak photo of him drawing furry pr0n.

Workshop teachers. What an insanely tallented group of guys. My favorate is Coro, he's so dreamy! *sigh*

Mop, Myself, and Tasarts. We had to represent the 3D dudes!

If Smellybug isn't a pimp, I don't know who is. I helped him carry these maquettes upstairs, and it was all I could do not to head back to the hotel room with them. He had his Starship Troopers sculptures with him too, but we were asked not to photo them.

Ruggels insisted on this photo oportunity, then he jumps into my picture. I think he is a closet Voyeur.

J.P.'s first masterpiece. All photoshop, but still has his style oozing out of it like yogurt pores. I didn't get any pictures, but at the same time he was doing this, Jason Manley and Ron Lemon were doing a tag team lesson in color theory that really rocked. I learned alot about my painting style, that I didn't know. Ron is an excellent teacher, and it really shows.

The cool group at dinner. Clockwise from bottom left: Mop, Scott Ruggels, Aesir, Arghmisfit, Tagheuer, Poopinmymouth (the best) LegionareJoe, and Tully (the hottest)

Really rockin party! The dude was mixing music and video at the same time. Some guys were breakdancing, some were sketching, it was all fun!

Only Mop and Tag will know about this. Go Go Imitation Crabmeat!

Waiting out in the rain sucked on the second day, but it was cool seeing all the nerds get a bath.

Thats alot of sketching.

Miss Conduct was the best model. she had the coolest outfit that she made herself. The workshop guys flew her in from Austin she is such a great model. This was a painting that Justin Sweet did with a giant monster behind her. He did a great job with the green on red, I learned alot about color theory and composition just watching him.

The start of J.P.'s oil. He did some thumnails (on the wall in the upper left) before starting to get good design and composition. After fleshing them all out with pencil, he went over it in permanent marker.

John Frickin Foster going to down with oils. The guy was nothing what I though he would look like, but he had a crowd about 100 deep around him for this demo.

Justin Sweet setting up his canvas for the life painting. Ron Lemon, Vanessa Lemon, Justin Sweet, Puddnhead, and one other artist all were painting from two life models.

Fosters finished demo piece.

Sweet going at his painting.

He had great color and amazing detail.

Vanessa Lemons was my favorate. She got such great color. She confessed to being nervous at the beginning, but some of her students were cracking jokes down in the front row so she could hear and make her more comfortable.

J.P. with his painting not 2 days later. Holy cow the guy is good and fast. I wanted to lick the canvas and rub my body all over it.

Andrew Jones demonstrating his absolute mastery over Painter, while Oblio gave a talk on creativity. Andrew busted the hell out of this angel concept using the keywords bread and tank given by Oblio. What will those cooky Kanadians think of next?

This is what the Hotel lobby looked like each night. We were swapping sketchbooks, stories, trading funny cultural anecdotes, and eating horribly junky 7-11 food. The first nights Thunderdomes were Mecha buddah, and zombie Jesus. I helped out the second night with the theme of Fabulously Gay Santa. The best though was sitting around the lobby talking about Insect Battle. Scalloped glowy wing edges forever guys! Shout outs to willow wisp and waffle house ninja.

I.Was.Ink taking pictures from the balcony. Cotron leaned over and in one of his many funny voices goes, "look at this SEA of nerds!"

Tagheuer back in the Hotel room busting out the paints

Mop sitting on the bed thinking about Tea and Crumpets. Mop has the best Gollum voice, and he was great about all my horrible foreigner jokes.

Manley, then Shawn Barber, then Puddnhead giving lectures about the industry. It was great advice. My favorate was Puddnheads 400 dollar folio book and his story about his dinner with Madonna. The dude is crazy!

Ron Lemen helping out on J.P.'s oil.

Tell me these are the same dudes!

Random picture, but the only one I have of SteakTron (upper right corner) Holy cow the dude is good, and one of the most friendly guys at the conference I met. Steakbag forever! On a side note, this was taken during the portfolio review. I got to here some feedback from Blizzard and Massive black on my stuff. It was awesome.

The polycounters stop to take texture photos (nerd x 2 plus 5 to texturing skillz)

Me and Molly (omg so hot) She whooped me good in the UK vs Dallas thunderdome.

Mop and Tagheuer asleep. Actually the real story here, is that they were making out. I flipped the lamp on, and they dove apart so I couldn't get a good picture of the dastardly deed.

Japan town, where we got good crepes, and High Tec C pens. Me and CartoonFox got lost from the group, and we hoofed it there by ourselves. We asked two seperate San Fran natives who informed us Japantown was way too far to walk, after we convinced them to give us crazies manual directions, we walked there in under 10 minutes, where we met up with MindCandyMan, IWasInk and the rest.

Poopinmymouth and IwasInk

Some of the last guys to leave the Galleria park lobby.

CartoonFox made me laugh so hard. He was a cool dude. One of the other guys I know I am gonna keep in touch with long after the workshop is over. I was testing my cameras double picture feature. The best was his welsh accent, which he insisted he didn't have. 8-)

Hell yeah! Found this in an EB games. that shadow legion is a model I did for bloodrayne 2. It was sweet to see it all blown up in a magazine.

Me and Tagheuer riding those ottomons like there's no tomorrow

The poor hotel staff, this is how the lobby looked every night.

The workshop was definately bigger and better than the Austin version. Most of the stuff I learned was more though process related, and hard to lay down in a bullet point list, but I learned a ton, mostly on color theory and though process. I made a ton of friends and contacts, and I feel energized from the whole thing.