Rotor Assets
Rotor is a product of Snjóhús Games, a small studio consisting of myself and my husband. It is available on the Google play store here (with trailer). iTunes here. All ship designs by me. Most textures are 256x256, but a few are 128x128. All ships are 450 triangles or less.
rotor_allships_thumb rotor_allweapons_thumb rotor_allenv_thumb rotor_allui_thumb


Hungry Sharks Evolution Assets
These were made for the first 3D version of Hungry Sharks by Future Games of London. Textures from the shark come heavily from the original concepts, but all other assets were created from scratch by me.
fgol_sharks_thumb fgol_humans_thumb fgol_treasure_objects_thumb fgol_boats_thumb


Personal realistic bust practice
I was lacking some more realistic head models in my portfolio so set out to fill that gap. Based off a mid-20s Icelandic male. Textures are 95% photo reference. Normal map comes from a Sub-D surface and small details from crazybump.
skuli_construction skuli_texture


An art-test for a mobile studio
The studio provided a 2d concept from one angle, and gave me a texture limit and triangle count (735 triangles plus a 512x512 RGBA texture). I needed also keep track of total completion time which was 14 hours including rigging.


Halo Toy Sculpts
High resolution, water-tight meshes, sculpted for McFarlane Toys and used to produce the Halo Toy line. You can see the physical Warthog toy here. One further example, Mecha Spawn.
warthog scorpionhalo_props


High resolution film models
In-house work for CAOZ on the feature film, "Legends of Valhalla: Thor", a kid's movie made in Iceland. I modeled these for in movie animation use, with particular attention paid to meshflow for facial animation and extreme squash and stretch in the body.
rock_giant rock_giant_wire dumb_giant caoz_props


Infernus Verse 1 and 2
Made for Motalen, iOS games. Both are available on the Apple Marketplace. I created all art for both games. Verse 2 uses lightmaps on a 2nd UV channel. Verse 1 uses realtime lights.
jack_pose verse02 verse01


Meet the Robinsons
Main character model for "Meet the Robinsons" DS game. 250 triangles, 1x 64x64 RGB map for the head, and 1x 64x128 RGB map for the body. Video of game here, screenshots here, 02, 03, 04.


Escapade main character: Iris
Created for a small game I am working on. On pause for now, but will eventually be finished. Sidescrolling platformer. This is the main character, her name is Iris. 1x 512x512 RGBA and 7561 triangles. Animated gif spin.
iris_poses iris_wire iris_tex


Zombie Link
I wanted to make a colorful nintendo esque version of Link as a zombie.
1x 512x512 RGB texture 2060 triangles
zombie_link_beauty zombie_link_unposed zombie_link_wireframe zombie_link_tex

Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds
Low poly Action Heroes Challenge on Polycount. 1x 256x256 and 2x 128x128 RGB textures and 854 trianglesmaleficent_download the model and texture zip.
pitt_beauty pitt_ingame pitt_wireframe pitt_tex

Created for the Kingdom Hearts Game Artisans challenge. Contest brief was to take a disney character, ready them for war, then create them in the art style of Kingdom Hearts. 512x512 RGBA texture 2,998 triangles maleficent_download the model and texture zip.
maleficent_poses maleficent_pose maleficent_wireframe maelficent_tex

Death Knight
Original design inspired by the Game Artisans death knight competition, but was not finished in time. Part samurai, with icelandic design influences, he's an animated skeleton. 1,999 triangles and 512x512 RGBA texture. Animated gif spin. deathknight_download the model and texture zip.
deathknight_poses deathknight_pose deathknight_construction deathknight_texture

Whimsical character drawin in my sketchbook a few years ago. I needed a quick personal project and had always wanted to model him. 2076 triangles and a 256x256 RGB texture. Concept Here popeye_sdk_download the model and texture zip.
cyber_punk_nude cyber_punk_clothed cyber_punk_head

Cyber Punk
Cybork hacker from the dystopian future. The implants in his head help him navigate cyberspace. High poly exercise for the sake of practice. Millions of triangles.
cyber_punk_nude cyber_punk_clothed cyber_punk_details cyber_punk_head

Greg the Mini Monster
Made for the 2nd mini-comp on 506 triangles, 256x256 RGB texture. I was sketching ideas and just thought of a racoon-like character with a fur hoodie, and Greg was born. greg_sdk_download the model and texture zip.
ga_greg greg_construction greg_texture

Cyborg sniper made for the Dominance War competition. 6,000 triangles for the character, and 1,000 for the weapon. 2048x2048 color/normal/specular/reflective/emissive textures for character, and 1024x1024 of the same maps for the weapon. Concept here agusturinn_sdk_download the model and texture zip.
agust_beauty agust_closeup agust_construction agust_tex

Klaus Nomi
Klaus is a german singer whose outfits are ridiculous. I thought it would be fun to try to create him in 3d. 1314 triangles, 256x256 RGBA texture. download_klaus_zip the model and texture.
klaus_poses klaus_tex

Voodoo Doll
This guy is one of the secret characters in Tony Hawk Project 8. To unlock, enter "pinsandneedles" in the cheat menu. 2074 triangles, 512x512 color/normal/specular for the body, 256x512 color/normal/spec for the head, and 128x256 color/normal spec for the straw hair.
voodoo_doll_hi voodoo_doll_screens voodoo_doll_tex

Next-Gen Horse
This horse was created for an unnanounced title at neversoft. 8352 triangles including the saddle, 512x1024 color/normal/spec for body, 256x256 color/spec/alpha for mane, 256x256 color/normal/spec for saddle.
ns_horse ns_horse_hi_wire ns_horse_wire ns_horse_tex

Mr Mint
Redesign of the Candyland character, Mr Mint. (original) 3525 triangles, 512x512, 256x512, and 256x256 RGBA texture maps. Concept here
mrmint mrmint_bust mrmint_tex
General Delilah
Created for the CGchat vs Polycount Dominance war. 4979 triangles, one 512x512 map, one 512x1024, and one 256x256 texture map. Concept here. the model and texture zip.
delilahdelilah_spin delilah_wirethumbs/delilah_tex

Uzumaki Naruto
I wanted to create a PSP specification Naruto model. 923 triangles and 128x256 texture map. Texture was painted at true resolution. the model and texture zip.
naruto_poses naruto

NPCs for GUN. Tiny Tubbs is in the first Pony Express mission. Mad Dog is a bounty hunter mission, and the two shopkeepers can be found in town. Turn around time is around three days each. Screenshots of Dodge shopkeep here, Tiny Tubbs here, Empire shopkeep here, and Mad Dog here.
dodge_shopkeep tiny_tubbs empire_shopkeep mad_dog

Fantasy Dragon
3330 triangles, 256x256 map with alpha, 512x512 map Concept Here. the model and texture.
dragon_crouch dragon_pose dragon_wire

Hats and Hairs from Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs Expansion
me_hair me_hair_tex me_hats me{hats_tex

Bondage Imp
Model by BoBo the Seal 1101 triangles. Texture by me 256x256 and 128x64. the model and texture.
imp_bondo imp_nude

Model by DemonPrincess 600 triangles. Texture by me 256x256. the texture.
ember ember_tex

Various coworkers from my first job at Warthog Texas. The game they were intended for has since been canceled.
heads heads_tex